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Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods - Louisville Kentucky's Best Haunted Trail


Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods is a haunted trail that explores Louisville’s legendary folklore, the Pope Lick Monster aka the Goat Man. The Goat Man has been terrorizing the Louisville community for over fifty years and is one of the city’s most investigated legends. We will send you into the forest thought to be inhabited by the ravenous Pope Lick Monster armed with only a flashlight. Will you gaze into the Goat Man’s eyes and live to tell the tale?


Our team has been busy excavating the area looking for new clues to learn more about the origins of the Pope Lick Goat Man and the fates of those involved. While exploring deep in the Pope Lick forest we found the remains of an old carnival Spook House which was a part of the Schildknecht Brothers Circus. Upon clearing more overgrowth, we unveiled more of this terrifying structure. Something you must see to believe! Of course, we have uncovered even more details throughout the folklore that will open your eyes to what REALLY happened with the Pope Lick monster. Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods is a spectacle unlike anything you've ever experienced and was deemed as having the "Scariest Haunted Trail in Kentucky" by City Blood and "Most Surreal Haunt in Kentucky" by the Scare Factor.

WARNING: The Pope Lick trestle is an operating railroad bridge with frequent train activity. Do not attempt to climb and/or cross the Pope Lick railroad trestle. Trespassing on the property is punishable by law and extremely dangerous. Legend at Pope Lick Haunted Woods and the Parklands at Floyds Fork do not condone any illegal activity associated with the Pope Lick trestle.

Over 13 Acres of Terror

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